In the gallery below, you'll see several products that we have brought to market for our customers.  We assisted in many different ways from initial design based on customer requirements to supporting Design for Manufacturing efforts to modify an existing design in order to improve manufacturability.

SMART kapp

Digital whiteboard that mirrors the writing to mobile applications visible to anyone that is a member of that session.  Full product development, testing, sourcing, and rollout to international manufacturing at a Tier 1 contract manufacturer.

eMist ASMS

Mobile electrostatic disinfecting system based on a previous roller cart design.  Creates an electrical charge on the atomized chemical droplets in order to improve the cleaning process.  Modified in-process design to improve manufacturability, created supply chain, and supported manufacturing rollout at smaller domestic contract manufacturer.

ASU Ecliptus

Military-grade night vision optics paired to a GoPro to improve capability, usability, and battery life.  Minimal package requirements and ability to use AA batteries vs. standard GoPro batteries to improve functional time from 45 minutes to 4 hours.  Full product development, testing, sourcing, and rollout to domestic contract manufacturer.

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Case Studies

Small Potting Box

Customer wanted to modify their current box design that was being molded in India and shipped to the US for final assembly.  Their current box cost the $1.50 each and had a sporadic 6-week lead time as it was shipped via boat.  Engineering was performed at no cost since they didn't have much up-front capital, and several domestic molders quoted the project through us.  We got a new mold built at-cost, and the new part cost was less than 75 cents after our markup was added per our agreement, with a 3 week or less lead time.  We manage ordering and delivery of the components.

Office Exercise Device

Customer spent over $100,000 on designing and building a prototype in China.  The customer loved the aesthetics and the cost was acceptable, but the excess noise was too loud, and the tension device didn't work properly.  An engineering breakdown was performed at a flat hourly fee to identify the issue and determine a solution.  It was found that the Chinese company tried to create a cheaper version of an off-the-shelf linear bearing that was causing the excess grinding.  After identifying the correct linear bearing, re-routing the cabling, and providing a new tension bearing material, we provided a new final assembly drawing, a new BOM, and the cost difference.  It was a minor increase in cost, but the overall user experience was improved.